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Duotone Jaime Textreme



Duotone Jaime Textreme

How do you make the best even better? The Jaime offers the completely new Double Diffusor Bottom for outstanding grip and maximum comfort, the unique grab rails make any sort of board offs look easy. It is especially designed to be ridden with straps and has been given the Formula 1 treatment with a Textreme Carbon Construction makeover, the results are just stunning. The unique blend of carbon not only reduces the weight of the board, it also makes it even more responsive and creates an exhilarating ride on the water! Fast, with a dynamic pop, the Jaime Textreme is perfect for the advanced freeriders and freestylers looking for an impressive all-rounder that can take everything you throw at it. From huge airs and board offs to mega loops and handle passes the Jaime Textreme won’t let you down, it’s the ultimate twin tip for the discerning rider who knows exactly what they want.

  • New Double Diffusor Bottom: The new Double Diffusor Bottom offers a precise, connected feedback with outstanding grip and maximum comfort.
  • Exceedingly lightweight: The Full Carbon Construction is extremely lightweight which makes it easier to manoeuvre in the air during your hooked or unhooked tricks.
  • Textreme Carbon Construction: Due to the Textreme Carbon Construction a board has an amazing upwind ability. The board feels smoother than traditional boards and it is easier to release the board for loaded jumps.
  • Medium to Hard Flex: The Medium to Hard Flex combines competition performance with everyday comfort. Precise adjusted materials offer control, power and comfort in just the right way to feel good in every condition.
  • Biax Textreme Carbon: The Biax Carbon ensures a dynamic ride and an incredible pop.
  • Grab Rails: Grab Rails for easier board off manoeuvers and comfortable general handling.

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