Core XR5


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Core XR5

De perfecte kite voor zowel de beginnende kitesurfer als de allrounders onder ons. Met de Core XR 5 ga je niet alleen je hoogterecords verbreken! Je kunt ook rustig als eerste het water op gaan met weinig wind.



Core XR5

The new mega-boosting, woohoo-generating XR5 delivers more hangtime than you can imagine. And did we mention the pillow-soft landings? This performance freerider has the goods for all your adventures. On the lake. Or on the Atlantic. It rips upwind, handles gusts (and lulls) like a boss and still retains the legendary XR character, comfort, and range that owners rave about. So, how do we do it? We start with a modified delta bow shape, and we spend the next 12 years improving every minute detail. Details like our Intelligent Arc bridle system that adjusts the wingspan, and massively increases wind range. And ExoTex Ultra Rigid Dacron, our exclusive airframe material that increases canopy rigidity and aerodynamics without adding weight. We could go on, but we prefer that you find out for yourself how stellar the new XR5 performs.


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▪ EXOTEX® ULTRA RIGID DACRON: Zero stretch airframes.
▪ TWO COLOR OPTION: “BrightWhite10” and “TechBlack10”
▪ 5 STRUT FRAME: Maximum canopy stability.
▪ DELTA BOW SHAPE: More power and even more depower.
▪ INTELLIGENTARC:Adjustablewingspanondemand.
▪ SHORT BRIDLE SYSTEM: Improved kite feedback.
▪ CORE INTELLIGENT TRIM SYSTEM (CIT): Customizable “power steering” and

turning speed.
▪ INSTANT RELAUNCH: Effortless water relaunches. ▪ SPEED VALVE 2: Fast, reduced effort inflation.
▪ SPEED PUMP SYSTEM: Improved all strut inflation.

▪ SENSOR BAR READY: For maximum kite feedback and control.

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