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Reedin Dreamstick X v2

Reedin Dreamstick X v2
Reedin Dreamstick X v2
Reedin Dreamstick X v2
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‘Brilliant design is the art of making simple and functional parts. DreamStickX is the essence of this philosophy.’ – Damien Girardin Lees meer..

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Reedin Dreamstick X V2 2024

Bar Auto-swivel kitesurf bar from Reedin with new lines and floaters At Reedin, they are far from idle; if they can improve something, they don't hesitate. This new Reedin Dreamstick X bar has received some major upgrades, earning it a spot on our favorite list of bars for 2024.

The most noticeable upgrade of the Reedin Dreamstick X kitesurf bar is the new floaters. The new floaters can bend inward more easily, reducing wear and tear. Additionally, the new design of the floaters ensures that your lines are less likely to wrap around your bar. For the new Dreamstick X 2024 bar, Reedin has chosen to upgrade the lines with SK99 Dyneema. This Dyneema is 20% stronger than standard Dyneema. Also, the stretch that can lead to a delay in your steering input is minimized by using the new SK99 Dyneema. A slightly less noticeable but equally important upgrade is the cover of the depower trimline. It is now neatly concealed and cannot become tangled around the clam cleat or come loose. As a final upgrade, Reedin has made the way the flagging line is attached to the QR slightly more robust. This ensures that the flagging line can untwist more effectively when the power lines rotate, thus extending the lifespan of your flagging line.

Like the previous version of the Dreamstick X, this Dreamstick X V2 also has a super thin diameter and the width is adjustable from 43 to 49 centimeters. Thanks to the PU monoblock depower line, the Dreamstick X V2 has the same super smooth auto-swivel option as you're used to with the Dreamstick X. Because Reedin understands that you may want to use the Dreamstick even if you don't have a Reedin kite, you can easily swap the pigtails at the ends of the steering and power lines so that the knots and loops match those of your North, Naish, Ozone, Cabrinha, or Slingshot kite, for example. Almost any kite with a low split of the power lines can be used with the Reedin Dreamstick X V2.

For smaller kite surfers, especially kids, Reedin has made the Dreamstick X V2 in a shorter version. The monoblock depower line has been shortened so that the Dreamstick cannot get too far away from you when you release the bar. Additionally, the trim line of your depower is closer, making it easier to reach the depower.

Specifications Reedin Dreamstick X 2024 bar

  • Four-line kitesurf bar
  • New SK99 lines
  • New floaters
  • Monoblock PU depower
  • Smooth Auto-swivel
  • Super thin diameter
  • Adjustable width
  • Click-in QR
  • Low power line split


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Gratis verzending vanaf €50,-
Groot 2e hands kitesurfmateriaal
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